• NIBEN is established


  • NIBEN Hall (old hall) is built


  • NIBEN sets up a legal counseling center inside the NIBEN Hall


  • NIBEN sets up Arbitration Center
    NIBEN sets up ADR Center ahead of other bar associations countrywide.


  • NIBEN establishes website "Himawari Page"
    NIBEN established its website ahead of other bar associations countrywide.


  • NIBEN establishes a center for management of property owned by the elderly (currently Comprehensive Support Center for the Elderly and the Disabled "Yutoriina") ahead of other bar associations countrywide.


  • NIBEN inaugurates Tama Branch and establishes Yotsuya Legal Counseling Center


  • NIBEN opens an urban-based publicly-run counseling office in Shinjuku.NIBEN establishes Tokyo Frontier Fund Legal Office.


  • NIBEN obligates its member attorneys to continue training ahead of all bar associations countrywide.


  • NIBEN opens Tachikawa Legal Counseling Center.
  • NIBEN establishes Daini Tokyo Bar Association Civic Forum. NIBEN sets up a forum for exchange of opinions to reflect people's voices in the management of its bar association.
  • NIBEN obligates its member attorneys to perform public interest activities.
  • NIBEN abolishes its compensation regulations Attorney fees were liberalized.


  • NIBEN establishes Bar Association Legal Counseling Center (Yotsuya Legal Counseling Center)


  • NIBEN sets up Center for Promotion of the Lay Judge System. NIBEN began in earnest preparations for the lay judge system due to start in May 2009.
  • NIBEN formulates gender equality programs.


  • NIBEN establishes an attorney referral center. NIBEN sets up a center aimed at actively recommending/referring to business attorneys specializing in particular areas.


  • NIBEN declares KES environmental management. As a bar association NIBEN declares it will make best efforts for environmental improvement.
  • Tama branch of the Tokyo-based Three Bar Associations was relocated to Tachikawa.


  • NIBEN creates "general structural reform project team"
    The team is engaged in a wide-ranging study of issues related to the number of legal professionals and other matters.
  • NIBEN enters into a financial ADR agreement


  • Three Tokyo-based Bar Associations set up Post-East Japan Great Earthquake Reconstruction Headquarters
  • NIBEN conducts free legal counseling to provide relief to the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake
  • Human Rights Fund starts operating
  • Hanasaki Kinenkan is inaugurated