Six major activities

Protect human rights

NIBEN is actively engaged in wide-ranging activities aimed at protecting human rights and realizing social justice.

We are all born with human rights, which are essential for each individual's dignity, life, freedom, and happiness. They are important for everyone and must be respected.

Regrettably, however, our society is not free from cases of human rights infringements where the socially vulnerable are abused, bullied or discriminated against, their essentially protectable human rights being threatened or jeopardized. As the world becomes complicated, manners of human rights infringements also become diversified.

NIBEN has set up various systems and committees aimed at protecting the rights of those people who have, or are likely to have, their human rights infringed upon, in an effort to address every sort of problem that arises in our society and bring justice to every corner thereof, and thereby realize a society where all people will live in peace. In order to prevent victims from hesitating to raise a claim for their economic reasons, NIBEN also established a human rights fund as a scheme designed to provide economic support for the case where the human rights are infringed and particularly high public interest is recognized in this manner.

NIBEN's activities and services

  • Dispatch attorneys on duty
  • Recommend an attorney for the court to assign as a defense counsel
  • Provide support for crime victims
  • Tackle environment and pollution issues
  • Manage human rights fund
  • Address cases of human rights protection
  • Give relief to victims of "racketeering committed by members of criminal organizations by interceding in civil disputes and threatening the use of violence" (so-called Minbo)
  • Give support for the elderly and the disabled
  • Address consumer problems
  • Address labor issues
  • Protect minor's rights
  • Promote gender equality
  • Address foreign nationals' human rights issues
  • Provide support for the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake

Variety of services

Attorney-on-duty service

hyo_01.gifUpon request of the person arrested or detained, or his/her family member or friend, the attorney on duty will have an interview with the person who is arrested or detained and give him/her legal advice (free for the first interview).

For inquiries please call

the Criminal Counseling Center at 03-3580-0082.

Legal counseling for Minors

We offer legal counseling for minors or their parents
(by telephone or personal interview).

For inquiries please call

the Counseling Window for Minors at 03-3581-1885.

Center for relief to victims of "racketeering committed by members of criminal organizations by interceding in civil disputes and threatening the use of violence" ("Minbo")

The center offers legal counseling to those who suffer, or fear suffering, from troubles related to any organized crime group or antisocial forces, or suspect of any prospective customer as being a member associated with an organized crime group, or want to terminate business with an individual associated with an organized crime group. In cooperation with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, the Metropolitan Center for Termination of Violence, and other related organizations, our attorneys with expertise in Minbo cases will quickly resolve your problems standing in you place.

For inquiries please call

the center at, 03-3581-2250, Monday through Friday
(except national holidays and year-end and New Year holidays).

Crime Victims Support Center (telephone counseling)

We provide support for crime victims and their family members, being fully attentive to their feelings. Our support specifically consists of criminal procedures including accusations and indictments, accompanying victims to court under the crime victim participation program, acting on behalf of victims in talks with victimizers for out-of-court settlement, applying for compensation payable to crime victims, and communication with the media.

For inquiries please contact

the center at 03-3581-6666, Monday through Friday, from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm
(except national holidays and year-end and New Year holidays).
Counseling fee: Telephone interview (free for the first interview) ,
Personal interview when necessary (free for the first interview)

Comprehensive Support Center for the Elderly and the Disabled "Yutoriina"

Ahead of the implementation of the present adult guardianship program, the center was established in 1997 to arrange for appropriate attorneys who shall be responsible for managing property owned by the elderly or disabled, provide support for such purposes, and supervise such property management.

At present, in addition to the above services, the center offers a wide variety of services, including general counseling on the elderly and the disabled, preparation of lists of candidate adult guardians to be submitted to family courts, provision of training in adult guardianship, study or consultation on testamentary trusts, etc. The center also gives importance to cooperation with municipal governments and welfare organizations.

Further, in December 2011, the center inaugurated the Hanasaki Memorial Hall that utilizes a bequeathed building. Here we organize regular legal counseling meetings for the elderly and the disabled.

For inquiries please call

the center at 03-3581-9110 (number commonly used by Tokyo-based Thee Bar Associations),
Monday through Friday (except national holidays and year-end and New Year holidays),
from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm (on Tuesdays, counseling is available also from 10:00 am to noon).