Six major activities

Educate and develop younger attorneys

NIBEN positively cooperates for legal training,
and accepts and develops
junior attorneys.

To generate and develop attorneys who are capable of contributing to civil society it is indispensable for us to cooperate for legal training, accepting and developing junior attorneys. Legal training means practical training conducted by the national government to develop those who successfully pass the bar examination into judges, prosecutors or attorneys. As training programs for private practice included in this legal training, NIBEN member attorneys accept many legal trainees. By way of support, NIBEN draws up and conducts many kinds of practical legal training curricula.

In view of a sharply increasing number of legal professionals it has now become an urgent task to accept and improve the training system for junior attorneys. NIBEN that accepts many junior attorneys each year is actively tackling this issue,. NIBEN organizes job fairs for legal trainees to support their job hunting, improves legal training programs for newly registered attorneys, and operates a center for supporting junior attorneys. Furthermore, NIBEN provides office space (Hanasaki Kinenkan) for attorneys who are not employed by a legal firm and start a solo practice upon being registered (so-called SOKUDOKU attorneys). For those attorneys, NIBEN also has a man-on-man OJT program carried out by experienced attorneys ("responsible attorney instructor program").

NIBEN's activities and services

  • Provide training to newly registered attorneys
  • Provide OJT support for junior attorneys (consisting of the responsible attorney instructor program, mailing list for supporting junior attorneys, etc.)
  • Provide support for junior attorneys in their job hunting activities; organize job fairs for legal trainees
  • Accept legal trainees (for giving guidance in practical training)
  • Provide support for law schools