Six major activities

Train and support attorneys

NIBEN provides support for attorneys in maintaining their legal quality and further improvement of their legal skills.

Laws continue to be revised and new laws are enacted. The environment surrounding attorneys and their activities never stops changing. New problems continue to arise in connection with attorney ethics. No matter how experienced an attorney is, he/she would not be able to provide appropriate support for people or businesses unless he/she continues to pursue self- improvement.

NIBEN organizes various sorts of workshops that are aimed at helping attorneys to train themselves and improve their legal skills. The training provided by NIBEN offers approximately 240 training programs that are designed to help attorneys acquire all levels of legal knowledge ranging from basic to sophisticated. NIBEN requests each and every attorney registered with it to regularly go through ethics training for full adherence to attorney ethics. Furthermore, jointly with TOBEN (Tokyo Bar Association), NIBEN operates a 100,000-book library to support attorneys' efforts to acquire the latest legal knowledge.

NIBEN's activities and services

  • Organize training for attorneys
  • Library operation
  • Publish books targeted at attorneys (various sorts of guidebooks, technical or specialized books, etc.)
  • Collect and provide information on lay judge trials
  • Set up workshops for studying various kinds of laws
  • Address cases of business obstruction
  • Provide counseling requested by attorneys relating to attorney ethics
  • Provide know-how on law office management
  • Organize and conduct training targeted at law office staff